Houston City Council Member Amanda Edwards enters U.S. Senate race

Three-term United States Senator John Cornyn has a new competitor who hails from Houston, and says she can do better for the Lone Star State.

"I don't see deliverables. I see rhetoric. I see tweets. I see everything but a focus and concentration on people and making sure folks are better off than when you took office," said Amanda Edwards, the latest candidate seeking to dislodge the incumbent.

Emory and Harvard educated, the 37-year-old Democrat has carved out a reputation for solution seeking and tenacious citizen advocacy during her three years on Houston City Council.

She calls it "servant leadership."

"My job is to be a problem solver and an outside-the-box thinker and a doer. That is my job," said Edwards.

It's an outlook Edwards sees as sorely missing from Cornyn in particular and the U.S. Senate as a whole.

"Is that person's life better because you are in that seat? Are you serving as a conduit through which change can flow for the betterment of a community? These are the questions we should be asking," said Edwards.

Still an unknown quantity in much of the state, Edwards sees access to health care and job growth as pivotal issues in a Democratic primary that's drawn multiple candidates, but no clear consensus.

Calling it a "change election" she likes her odds of prevailing to face Cornyn in 2020.

"A candidate like me who is focused, who is serious minded and will deliver results because she has a passion for people and servant leadership is exactly what you need in an election like this," said Edwards.

Edwards will join former House candidate M.J. Hegar, former Houston Congressman Chris Bell and State Senator Royce West, among others, in the evolving Democratic field.

Meantime, the Cornyn campaign greeted Edwards entry by comparing her progressive record with that of Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren.