Harris County Precinct 5 announces major fentanyl bust

Harris County Precinct 5 deputy constables announced a major fentanyl drug bust Monday night. The arrest of a suspected drug dealer comes after months of investigative work by the Harris County Precinct 5 Office.

Deputies arrested the suspected drug dealer Monday afternoon at a post office on Fry Road. A hazmat crew went to the suspect's apartment and seized the alleged drugs.

Authorities say the drugs were ordered from China with plans to distribute in the local area. According to deputies, a package containing 102 g of fentynal was shipped to the post office, which is why the suspect was arrested there.

Precinct 5 deputy constables say in recent weeks, their office has seen drug overdoses in the area leading to the deaths of several young people, which is what prompted the investigation. Dealers and users are mixing fentanyl with heroin and cocaine to make it even more potent. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says statistics show the death rate for synthetic opioids have increased 72 percent in just one year.