Good Samaritans pull man from fiery crash in northwest Harris County

An elderly Houston man is amazingly alive after his car burst into flames and good Samaritans came to his rescue.  It happened in northwest Harris County on Highway 249 at Antoine. The good Samaritans who saved the man say they couldn’t believe what they were witnessing.

They told FOX 26 News reporter Damali Keith was as if they were in a game of "Race the Flames." Lose?  And the consequences would be dire. 

"I just ran over there as fast I could. There’s a car, there’s flames, there’s someone in the car," explains Dezmond Gregory. 

Pastor Curtis Brown was just leaving work at an auto parts store on Highway 249. He too heard the car smash into a pole, then burst into flames and the burning Ford Taurus continued down the road.

"As I turned to the right, I saw a car rolling by me that was on fire.  I couldn’t believe it,” explains Pastor Brown.

Without hesitation, three strangers saw a fellow Houstonian in need and did everything they could to get him out of the burning car. 

Gregory even burned his hands tugging at the locked car door in what he calls something seriously surreal. 

“It was definitely a movie scene. Nothing about it was anything a normal person is supposed to see," he said.

"We were smelling gas. The heat, it was hot.  We had to do what we had to do. I just told the Lord to cover us so we could get this man out,” Brown explains.

"He wasn’t responding at all.  He was just making noises in agonizing pain,” adds Gregory who helped carry the man to safety.

Almost immediately after the men pulled the unconscious driver from the burning car, flames engulfed the entire vehicle.

They may not wear capes, but what the three men did was nothing short of heroic.

“Well, not so much a hero. I just give God the praise and the credit to give us the strength to save a life,” says Pastor Brown.    

Harris County Sheriff’s Office investigators are trying to figure out what caused the driver to crash his car.  The man who was rescued was rushed to the hospital and is expected to survive.

The third good Samaritan left before anyone could get his name.