Good Samaritans jump in to save two girls at Surfside Beach

Two girls were nearly swept away by the high tide caused by Hurricane Hanna in the Gulf this weekend. Fortunately, some good Samaritan surfers were nearby to help save them. 

Thomas Saucedo said he'd been out all morning with his dad trying to catch some of the big waves coming in from Hurricane Hanna in the Gulf. They were in their car taking a break when suddenly, someone bangs on their window asking them to help. 

"We actually started in Matagorda, but the road flooded over from the high tide. So, we had to head up to Surfside to get on the jetty," Saucedo said. 

Some might refer to this moment as being in the right place at the right time. That seemed to ring true for Thomas Saucedo and his father. 

On Saturday, the two surfers were at Surfside Beach when a stranger cried for help. 

Turns out, the strong winds and storm surge from Hurricane Hanna knocked two teenage girls standing along the jetty into the water. The girls were 17 and 19-years-old and were apparently sisters, according to Saucedo. 

"A wave caught him off guard, it smashed over the jetties that knocked down, it pulled them out. The next wave shoved back up against the jetties, they tried to hold on. She told me she was a rock climber, so she tried to hold on and she climbed back up. But the next wave, just took her right back out. So she got slammed a few times against the jetties. She was pretty good bruised up by the time I got to her," Saucedo said. 

Fortunately, two other surfers were already nearby and jumped in to help them stay afloat until others arrived.

When Thomas arrived with his surfboard, he says he grabbed one of the sisters and together they began kicking through the tide to make it safely back onshore.     

"There was no way a boat could have came and helped us. There was no way. No one else could have came, you know. The waves kept trying to push us into the jetty. As a small board, it had a lot of drag on it and we just kept kicking and kicking as much as we could. We did get hit up against the rocks once, but we made it all the way to the inside," Saucedo said. 

Although the tide became unpredictable at times, Saucedo said he’s thankful everyone involved walked away with minor injuries. 

"I was bleeding in my foot. She was bleeding on her leg, and we were in the out we were in the water for like 30 minutes. I'm not scared of waves, but I'm scared of sharks," Saucedo said.  

Although Saucedo is an experienced swimmer and a surfer of nearly 20 years, he says he doesn’t recommend that others go outside during storms. 

"Pretty much most surfers are good swimmers, but anybody else who doesn't really have anything tethered to them, I would pretty much stay out of the water or just stay away because there's no point," Saucedo said.