Galveston, Crystal Beach named among most affordable destinations in Texas

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Tips to saving money on your summer travel plans

Are you putting together a summer trip? Here are some tips for saving some money.

We all need to just get away sometimes, and traveling is a great way to unwind, but vacations are costly. Thankfully, if you’re in Texas, you’ve got a handful of options to choose from. 

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Researchers with ran a survey with 3,000 families to find out which affordable destinations they’d most like to visit.

"'Affordable’ does not mean ‘inferior or ‘second-rate,’" Rose Ackermann, of explained. "The budget-friendly travel sphere is bursting with choices, offering everything from breathtaking outdoor experiences to cultural immersion, charming local accommodations, and gastronomical delights that won't break the bank."

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How & where to find best summer travel deals

FOX 26 has some helpful tips for you when you're planning for that summer adventure.

They discovered a few Texas cities made the top 15, but Galveston was ranked highest in the state, coming in overall as the 5th most affordable vacation destination. 

Part of this was due to Galveston also having a variety of attractions like Moody Gardens, an aquarium, a rainforest pyramid, and a discovery museum as well as affordable events and festivals throughout the year like live music performances and food festivals. 

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Crystal Beach, Texas came in at #8 for most cost-effective, for its similar attributes including community pristine beaches, relaxed atmosphere, and family-friendly experiences that won't strain the budget. The area is also known for fishing, with affordable options for shore fishing or renting a charter boat for a day on the water. 

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How to save on a summer cruise

Want to set sail for vacation this summer? Here are some tips for getting the best prices.

Families can also explore the nearby Anahuac National Wildlife Refuge, which offers free admission and opportunities for viewing wildlife and taking nature walks. 

Then Port Aransas and Corpus Christi were named 13th and 14th most affordable. Both locations offer sandy beaches but in Port Aransas, residents can enjoy outdoor activities like fishing, birdwatching, or dolphin-watching boat tours. 


At Corpus Christi, families can visit the South Texas Botanical Gardens & Nature Center, which showcases a variety of plant species and wildlife. The city also provides family-friendly hotels and vacation rentals that won’t break the bank. 

To learn more about the study and how other cities ranked in comparison, click here.