Family shares Thanksgiving meal with firefighters who saved their son's life

Tyler Guice and his family can't thank the Houston firefighters at Station 105 enough. They saved his 3-year-old son's life.

"He got just a second chance but it feels as parents we did too. We got a second chance to love him, to parent him," Guice told FOX 26.

In June, 3-year-old Gray was taking a bath with his twin brother. When Guice stepped away to grab the boy's towels and pajamas, he says Gray slipped in the bathroom. The boy fell onto a ceramic trash can that shattered and a shard went through his back. It lacerated his kidney and narrowly missed his spine.

"It looked like a gunshot wound in his back.  [He] was losing a lot of blood," Guice recalled. "He said, 'I want to go night, night,' and then he started to loose color. And that’s when we really knew it was serious."

Thankfully, Captain  DJ Yarbrough and his crew got to Gray within minutes.

"We got on scene, were able to stabilize him. Call LifeFlight -- our medic unit out and basically a sequence of events got him to the hospital very quick," Yarbrough explained.

Gray spent a week at the Memorial Hermann Trauma Institute where the first responders went to check on him. 

"Just to be able to go by and check on them to make sure that they’re okay, it helps you sleep better at night knowing that you were able to help that family," Yarbrough said.

"This is more than a job to them. I really appreciate that," added Guice.

On Thanksgiving, the entire Guice family, including both grandparents who traveled all the from Alabama, brought a meal and prayed with the crew from Station 105.

"It’s not really gratitude you express it, I think," said Guice. "They would never know how thankful we are if we just sat at home and felt thankful for them."