Family raises awareness about DWI by displaying actual crashed cars

As you’re making plans to celebrate the New Year, a Cypress father hopes you’re also planning how you’ll get home safely.

Mark Rodriguez's daughter Krysta was killed in a crash involving a drunk driver in 2010. She was 22 years old.

Since then, the family founded Krysta’s Karing Angels. The organization displays vehicles destroyed in actual driving while intoxicated (DWI) crashes to raise awareness and remind people that they were all preventable.

"We just couldn’t let Krysta be another cross on the side of the road," explained Mark. "We had to do something about it." He also said that had it not been for a reckless choice, Krysta would still be alive.

"It’s not an accident," Mark told FOX 26 News. "It’s not a mistake. It’s a choice and everybody’s got a choice."

Mark said it is hard to relive his daughter’s story, but he hopes it’ll save a life.

"Everybody wants to talk about the New Year and celebrate, which is fine," concluded Mark. "Do it all you want, but why would you want to break in the New Year with possibly taking somebody’s life or yourself and ruining families for the rest of their lives?"

The father said he is encouraged by all the options people have to get a discounted or free ride on New Year's Day. 

To see a list of those resources, click here.