Family has questions after 2-year-old boy accidentally shot

Cameron Nicks II is a handful. That’s what his father says.

"Happy baby. Energetic. He never stops, he's always on the move. You gotta watch him," he said.

But Cameron Nicks Sr. says nobody was watching his son closely enough on Monday. That’s when the 2-year-old was accidentally shot while he and his mom were visiting a relative's house in South Acres.

After the shooting, paramedics rushed him to Texas Children’s Hospital. His grandmother tells us he has a bullet wound in the left hand and just above the right knee.

Detectives told reporters at the scene that they initially believed that little Cameron was climbing up on a couch where another family has stashed a loaded gun. They said his mother’s family said that’s when the hidden gun went off. 

Gun safety advocates say homes where parents are taking their children have firearms. They need to ask if they're secure.

"It's summertime. Time to be asking your friends, asking Grandma, anytime you are leaving your kids anywhere. It's not just about pool safety, it's not about peanut allergies anymore. This is a conversation that should be front and center," sayd Gaby Diaz with Moms Demand Action.

But that was their initial belief based on conversations with the mother’ and her family. The investigation into the shooting isn't over yet, but Cameron's grandfather says they don't believe the unsecured gun story.

"Me, not his father or grandmother feel there’s something missing in the investigation. We don't feel he shot himself as has previously been reported. We feel there was some sort of foul play," his grandfather says.

He says they have no evidence to support this. However, CPS is now investigating the shooting, a shooting little Cameron is lucky to have survived.

We made repeated attempts to contact the boy’s mother. Our calls went unreturned.