DO YOU KNOW THEM? Harris Co. officials looking for their next of kin

Mohammed Sumaela Kamara on left, Roberto Espinoza on right

The Harris County Institute of Forensic Sciences is requesting the public's help in locating the next of kin for two men who have died.

They're looking for relatives of Mohammed Sumaela Kamara, 72, and Roberto Espinoza, 62, who is also known as Jose Estrada.

Kamara, described as a Black male, died in the 1400 block of W Elaine Avenue in Pasadena on June 26

Espinoza, described as a Hispanic male, died in the 10400 block of W Bellfort Blvd in Houston on June 27.

Anyone who knows either of these men should call the Harris County Institute of Forensic Sciences at 832-927-5000.

If you call for Kamara, refer to case ML20-2516. If you call for Espinoza, refer to case ML20-2532.