Could the murder of Waller Co man have been avoided?

In deep rural Waller County you'll find a crime scene that's still very much active hours after a trigger was pulled Tuesday.

Investigators say the wife identified as Loria Ann McFarland shot and killed her husband Kenneth McFarland.

Then we're told she tried to take her own life with an overdose of pills at their home here on Holik Road.

We spoke with the brother of the victim who declined to go on camera saying it is a tough time for the family.

Waller County District Attorney Elton Mathis also spoke with the brother.

He says, "I met him at a restaurant for lunch today and he appreciated the work that's being done on his brothers passing."

But the question is could this have been prevented?

Reliable sources tell FOX 26 Waller County deputies were called out to the house for a welfare check earlier during the day in question and the wife Loria Ann told investigators things were fine and they left.

But it took a second trip by deputies Tuesday night to discover Kenneth McFarland's body in the house.

A spokesman for the Waller County Sheriff's office confirms deputies made two trips to the house before discovering the body. He says this is after McFarland's family reported him missing.

However, Brian Cantrell says the deputies returned once they were able to get a search warrant. Cantrell says since the case is an active investigation he's not able to comment any further.

Loria Ann McFarland remains hospitalized from the overdose and no charges have been filed as of yet.