Candytopia brings confectionery bliss and fun together

One of the great things about living in a big city is that some cool exhibit or show is always passing through!

FOX 26's CoCo Dominguez got to see the latest craze to hit town.

Candytopia features more than a dozen rooms with interactive art installations and colorful experiences. There is a marshmallow pit, an underwater-themed wonderland, a rainbow room with flying unicorn pigs and confetti explosions galore.

Candytopia also has H-Town-inspired elements, including a Houston Astros hat, Apollo 11 astronauts, and a Beyonce mural.

Guests are treated to candy samples throughout the entire tour, including sour gummies, chocolate treats, and nostalgic favorites.

If you've ever dreamed of nibbling your way through Candyland or scoring a Golden Ticket, this experience is for you!

Go to for ticket information.