Body of missing jet skier found

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11/09/2015 12:45 P.M UPDATE

PER Harris County Sheriff Office: The body was located this morning.

The U.S. Coast Guard has suspended the search for a man that fell from a jet ski in Lake Houston Friday night.

PREVIOUS REPORT: This morning crews are searching the waters of Lake Houston at Deussen Park for a man that fell of a jet ski. Reporter Rob Wu spoke to the missing man’s family and friends.

 He’s been missing for more than 12 hours.  Radelle Cash’s wife, who shared family photos with us, said that they were at the park with friends on a Friday evening date. At around 5:00pm Cash got on a jet ski with a co-worker on the back. They said he wasn’t driving fast or fooling around, but accidentally jerked too hard to the side. Both men were thrown off, into the water. The co-worker made it back to shore but Cash disappeared into the waters.

Boats were out here, but after 5 hours the search had to be called off because of the darkness. The family, desperate to find the body, was forced to wait outside the park, because the park wasn’t open. They understand that rules are rules but believe more needed to be done.

The family tells us that Cash was not wearing a life vest at the time, because he gave it to the man riding behind him on the Jet Ski. He did it because the man was smaller, younger and not as skilled a swimmer, a decision that may have cost him his life. The family says it shows the mettle of his character,