Biden Needs Major Latino Surge to Contend in Texas

With pre-Labor Day Polls showing President Donald Trump scratching back into the lead position in Texas, many are now questioning whether Latinos can muster enough pro-Biden stroke to turn the Lone Star State “blue”.

 Michele Leal, board member and former co-chair of the Latino PAC, has doubts the former Vice-President can attract the 70 percent of Hispanic voters he will likely need to contend.


“In terms of Latino votes, I think it is improbable, but not impossible and I think from where I sit today, I haven’t seen the investment from the Biden campaign or from the Democratic Party really, in the Latino community to say it’s likely,” said Leal

While a majority of Texas Latinos will vote Democrat, Rice Political analyst Mark Jones says it’s the size of that “majority” that matters.


“I think that it seems unlikely that Democrats are going to get 75 percent of the Latino vote. The best they can hope for is maybe 70 or 65 and that’s unlikely to be enough as long as Trump retains his strong support among Anglos,” said Jones.

Jones says our state’s growing Latino population has grown too diverse for Democrats to harvest super-majorities.

“You also have a large number of Latinos whose focus is not on identity politics or Latino rights, it’s more on education, health care, and basic budget issues and at some point, they see undocumented immigrants as a threat on lowering wages, rather than allies in a common cause,” said Jones.

Leal again emphasized it’s Latino-centric diversity which demands a degree of commitment, national Democrats have yet to make in Texas.

  “If it does happen, if Biden is able to pull off 70 percent of the Latino vote, it is really going to be a referendum on how badly Trump is doing,” said Leal.

 Comprising more than a third of the state’s total population, Texas Latinos have more than enough demographic clout to change the landscape of Texas politics.

The unanswered question – Is this the election they use it?