Bayou City Buzz: Nap Bar

Creator of the Nap Bar was tired of escaping to her car to snooze, so she did something about it.

The new concept has been open a few weeks and we wanted to check back in and see if Houstonians are really taking advantage of this. 

A 20 minute nap costs $25, 26 minute snooze costs $32, and a full hour of sleep will set you back $69.

Why 26 minutes? According to NASA, a 26 minute nap improves performance by 34 percent, and alertness by 54 percent! 

Nap Bar members can enjoy perks like post-nap showers, calming scents and music, pajamas, and more. Packages, single naps, and memberships are all available to those looking for a bit of rest in the middle of a busy workday.