Arctic Blast: Texas dog owners can be fined, arrested for leaving pet outside

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Dog owners can be fined for leaving pet outside

Harris County crews were out treating the roads ahead of the expected winter weather and pet owners are reminded they could be fined for leaving their pets outside. FOX 26's Randy Wallace has more on how owners can get a free dog house and what officials are doing to prepare.

Remember, we have a new law in place that requires dog owners to provide food, water, and shelter for dogs living outside.

Animal control officers and HPD will be out in full force during the Artic Blast looking for offenders.

"There will be ultra-cold temperatures, and we need to make sure everyone in the state of Texas is aware," said Governor Greg Abbott.

We all need to keep an eye out for those most vulnerable during times like these the elderly and animals.

PETS: Arctic blast Texas: Protect pets from freeze, Texas law for dogs outside

"We're so concerned about the animals on the streets and animals in backyards that don't have protection with this really cold weather coming," said Tena Lundquist Faust Co-President of Houston PetSet.

Houston PetSet and L-3 Landscape Design donated 50 doghouses to BARC.

"If you call 311, they can give you instructions on our address and where to come to pick them up on a first come first serve basis", said BARC Director Jarrad Mears. "You will need a pickup truck."

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"We have some small medium large," said Lauren Olenius owner of L3 Design. "We tried to accommodate if there was a mom with a litter she would have plenty of room or smaller type dogs like teacup chihuahuas. We want to make sure they're all taken care of."

People probably want doghouses for their dogs but maybe can't afford them," said Tama Lundquist Co-President of Houston PetSet. "Let's help them be complainant let's provide the dog houses."

"We will get these out to the dogs that don't have shelter," said dog rescuer Danna Fullen. "They will be able to go inside and actually be out of the elements and help keep them safe during this freeze"

Animal enforcement officers will be out during the freeze looking for dogs with no shelter.

"Depending on the severity of the situation, you could be arrested," Mears said. "That's why we are asking people not to wait until we show up at 1 a.m.," Mears said. "You are more than likely not going to like the result."

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"There is not a lot of precipitation that is expected to take place during this storm," Abbott said.

But just in case, area bridges are now pre-treated to prevent ice.

"We are covering all our 330 bridges with brine from our five trucks," said Precinct 3 Road and Bridge Director Jennifer Almonte.

"Be smart, think ahead. Think about the misery factor if you unnecessarily drive in the next few days or if you get caught outdoors," said Mayor John Whitmire. "Be smart during these times it will pay off."