5-year-old boy's wheelchair stolen from mother's van in north Houston

The mother is praying thieves will have a change of heart and return her 5-year-old son's wheelchair.

"He is so special to us," said Krystal Gonzalez. "He’s everything. He is such a blessing. You know,it’s just sad that someone could come and take from him."

Surveillance video captures the moment a man opens the side door of their van around 5:20 a.m. on Tuesday. The van was parked outside their home in the 9400 block of Angelo Street in North Houston.

Krystal says the front doors were locked but, unfortunately, the side doors and back gate were not. 

She says the thieves took her two kids car seats, her daughter's stroller, and Christian's wheelchair. She just wants the chair back. She realized what happened around 7:00 a.m.

"I burst into tears just because it’s so valuable to us. It’s priceless," Krystal said fighting back tears.

Christian has micro deletion syndrome and is immobile. He's had the chair since he was one and it was made to fit his particular needs.

Krystal believes her neighbor's camera caught the getaway vehicle. It appears to be a large, white SUV.
She hopes the thieves will return the chair by just leaving it in her driveway.

"I won’t press charges. I’m not looking to get back at anybody or anything like that. I just want my son's chair. No questions asked," she stated.

Krystal also hopes they'll think twice before hurting another family.

"They have no regard for anyone or anybody’s personal property. It’s disgusting to me. It really is. I mean, humans suck sometimes," she told FOX 26.

For now, the family is postponing their summer vacation to Florida. 

If you anything about Christian's chair, contact Crime-Stoppers of Houston