Valentine's Day: Celebrating while single & expecting gifts

Hi Mary Jo,

Should I expect a gift for Valentine’s Day from my guy friend if we’re not officially together?



To avoid or minimize awkwardness just causally bring it up and talk about it before hand. If you aren’t exclusive, you should let the holiday go without expecting gifts or a special dinner. It’s okay to go out together but don’t expect or read into anything. There is so much pressure on guys, especially during Valentine’s Day. If he’s a friend, keep it that way by lowering your expectations and enjoy his friendship.

Hi Mary Jo,

How do I celebrate Valentine’s as a single lady?



It’s easy to feel frustrated and a little down when your coupled friends are telling you about their Valentine’s Day plans. However, it’s not having a partner that makes Valentine’s Day great – its feeling loved. Below are four ways to make yourself feel special and help you see the love around you.

  1. Make the day about someone other than you. Who has been through it all with you? Who has supported you in the good and bad times and seen you at your best and worst? Consider giving them chocolates or a sincere note, telling them how much you appreciate them.
  2. Plan to do something you’ve never done. When you’re part of a couple, you have to agree on something you both enjoy doing. However, when you’re single, you can try something adventurous or bold that you’ve always wanted to do.
  3. Treat yourself (or you and a friend) to a special dinner or spa night. You don’t need a partner to make yourself or another feel loved. Connect with a good friend or book an appointment to pamper yourself.
  4. Visit your closest gym. You’ll get a great workout and feel better about yourself. It’s inspiring to set your sights on the next single’s holiday, which is Spring Break.