Making the Grade - Keyshon Limbrick (Thurgood Marshall High School)

MISSOURI CITY, Texas (FOX 26) — Smart, athletic, and driven — three outstanding traits all belonging to Thurgood Marshall student-athlete Keyshon Limbrick. He’s a busy young man. Limbrick boasts a 3.5 grade point average on a 4.0  scale, putting him in the top 14 percent of his class.

In addition to his athletic endeavors, Limbrick belongs to eleven different organizations and clubs.


Limbrick has read more than 200 books and he's not stopping there. His favorite subject is English and with his talents, Limbrick has grand plans.

You wouldn’t believe it looking at Limbrick now, standing at a height of 5-feet 10-inches tall with an athletic build, but he had to overcome unbelivable odds. Limbrick was born three months premature and weighed three pounds and three ounces.

He says his father is in his life, but is not there much because he works out of town. Limbrick's father's parents have given the student his backbone, the reason for his drive to succeed. To excel academically, to serve the community, belong to eleven high school clubs, and run hurdles on the track team, you must have drive that is visible for all to see, especially at the next level.