Katy Freeway shut down after fatal accident

Part of the Katy Freeway is shut down after a fatal crash.

According to Houston police, the accident happened eastbound at Studemont, but traffic is being diverted to the Heights exit.

Police say around 3 a.m., a minor accident happened on the inbound side, , and while HPD was working it and clearing the vehicles, they had the freeway shut down for a few minutes and cars were stopped. 

A female driver in a red Toyota car came along and did not see the traffic stopped on the freeway.

The woman slammed into the back end of a blue car, sending it into a white pickup truck and then into the wall. The red car continued and struck the back end of an 18-wheeler. 

The driver of the blue car was struck dead at the scene,  but the drivers of the pickup truck and the 18 wheeler were not hurt, police say. 

The woman was transferred to the hospital with minor injuries. Officers are checking to see if she was intoxicated.