Crawfish 101

 The Bayou City is no stranger to crawfish. It's one of the hottest items of the summer.  Lou Caporale and his daughter Brittany, from Go Crawfish  join Denise Middleton for a breakdown of everything we feed to know for crawfish season

First, buying tips, what's most important is freshness and then size.

Houston has a lot of good restauarants and they all prepare crawfish a little differently. It all depends on what YOU like, spicy, more flavor, garlic? It’s up to your individual taste.

GO Crawfish gets their crawfish fresh everyday from Louisiana and they supply a lot of the restaurants in the city. They also do retail sales for people who want to boil with their family and friends, and they do catering for private parties and fund raisers. 

Five easy steps for peeling and eating crawfish:

  • Take the tail and twist it- Twist and pull. Set  down the head and hold the tail
  • Crack the top ring and pull it apart. This will expose the tailmeat
  • Place it in your mouth
  • Pinch and pull. It's that simple and so good!
  • Pick up the head and suck the insides. Not everyone likes this but Lou says it's got the best flavor.
  • If the crawfish is large enough you can also crack the claw and pull out some claw meat. Lou says you have to wiggle it a little bit

If you'd like more information about Go Crawfish. You can find them on Facebook or visit their website  or give them a call  281-814-3655.