Child burned by coffee, repair request, out-of-state child visitation

The following three questions, submitted to FOX 26 senior legal analyst Chris Tritico, were answered during a FOX 26 Morning News segment on Sept. 15, 2015:

My family went to MacDonald's for breakfast. We all went to dine in inside of the play area we sat our 1 yr old in high chair next to our table. I brought the food tray over sat it down while serving my children their breakfast our 1 yr old grabbed the coffee and the top fell off the coffee and all over him. He suffered 2nd degree burns on his entire chest and stomach and between his thighs he suffered at the hospital do we have a case?

We live in a rental house that is managed by a property management company for the landlord. when we moved in we made note of an electrical issue concerning our oven. I have put in five or six requests for repair since August 2014. The landlord has still not approved the request to fix the oven and the oven has become unusable. Under Texas law are they required to give us a working oven?

I have 2 children that reside in Oregon with their father. We have joint custody, since I relocated to Texas in 2010 he refuses to allow me to see them unless I travel to Oregon. I have offered every summer to purchase airline tickets for both children and he still refuses.
Can I hire a Lawyer here in Texas to assist me or do I have to hire a Lawyer in Oregon?