4 questions to ask yourself regarding 'post-sex blues'

One third of women reported feeling depressed after sex, according to an Australian study cited in the International Journal of Sexual Health. That number varied with situations the women found themselves in. However, post-coital dysphoria is diagnosed in 10 percent of the female population. It isn’t only found among co-eds in college (the group studied), but among the general population in both men and women.

How do you know if you suffer from post sex blues? Experiencing feelings such as sadness, anxiety, regret or irritability after sex would suggest you should talk to your partner and perhaps a therapist if you cannot pinpoint the cause.

Researchers cannot say for sure what causes post sex blues. One possibility is hormonal shifts after sex, which can also cause headaches after sex in a small percentage of the population. Other possibilities include unmet emotional needs after sex, the way you were raised, your religion, and/or guilt.

Four questions you should ask yourself if you suffer from post sex depression are:

Am I suppressing feelings of anger or resentment with my partner?
Do I feel as though having sex with this person is wrong?
Do I feel ashamed or bad about my body?
Am I feeling sad about something else?

The release of tension after sex also makes people more vulnerable to feelings that may otherwise be suppressed. Getting in touch with these feelings, and allowing yourself to feel them and talk about them can help alleviate depression after sex, and bring you closer to your partner. The first step is always the best step, and that means being honest with yourself and opening up about how you feel with your partner.