SCOTUS ruling not likely until June - What's Your Point?


A fundamental right guaranteed to more than half our country's population was under siege this week before the nation's highest court.

 At issue - Mississippi’s law banning abortion after the 15th week of pregnancy - and the authority of all states to set limits on the controversial procedure.

Both sides planning for in-state fights after the Supreme Court ruling

 Attorney Julie Nikelman arguing against the Mississippi mandate said, "for a state to take control of a woman's body and demand that she goes through pregnancy and childbirth ― with all the physical risks and life-altering consequences that brings ― is a fundamental deprivation of her liberty"

 Mississippi’s solicitor General Scott Stewart countered by contending the decision should always be left to the people when the constitution does not clearly side on an issue one-way-or-other.

  That position did not sit well with the court's liberal minority.

 Justice Sotomayor and her progressive allies are obviously outnumbered - and legal analysts are predicting Mississippi’s law will be upheld by the conservative majority. 

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