Preparing for the return to school - What's Your Point?

This week the price of this pandemic grew steeper, and the disruption of our society deeper as many Texas school districts made the decision to disregard the president’s request for a full fall re-opening.
Houston ISD, the state’s biggest school district, will wait at least six weeks before conducting in-person classes. Ft. Bend ISD has gone further, opting for virtual instruction only through 2020 and canceling all extra-curricular activities sports, band, everything.
Clearly, educational leaders don’t believe they can ensure the safety of students and their teachers. Their caution, justified or not, will exact a cost on the economy, on families without child care, and the over-all cohesion of communities delivered by local schools.

This week's panel: Wayne Dolcefino, media consultant, Carmen Roe, FOX 26 legal analyst and Houston attorney, Bill King, businessman and columnist, Tomaro Bell, Superneighborhood leader, Jacquie Baly, professor UH-Downtown join Greg Groogan to talk about the children in our community and their education.

Texas allocates $200 million to TEA - The state says the funding will be used by the TEA to purchase and distribute devices, hotspots, routers, and more based on specific needs identified by local education agencies.

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