It's not really over, legal challenges and the integrity of the votes - What's Your Point?

Having telegraphed his intention to dispute results that didn’t go his way, President Trump and his team have launched a barrage of lawsuits and are demanding recounts. Leaving no room for misunderstanding, President Trump claims this election has been "stolen" from him as the direct result of a Democratic criminal conspiracy.

Experts, including our own Professor Mark Jones, say the kind of vast voter fraud the President is alleging will be nearly impossible to find and even harder to prove.

This week's panel; Bob Price, Associate Editor Breitbart Texas, Tomaro Bell, neighborhood leader, Carmen Roe, Houston attorney, Charles Blain, founder Urban Reform, Chris Tritico, a senior legal analyst at FOX 26 join Greg Groogan to talk about the claims and allegations from the Trump campaign about the outcome of the elections.

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