After the primary . . . - What's Your Point?

With the Texas primary election more or less -n the "rearview mirror", it is certainly high time to look forward to the "head-to-head" run-offs in May, and beyond to the critical midterm election this fall.

It is hardly "breaking news" to project a "rough" outcome for Democrats and by extension President Joe Biden.

The big question is "how rough?" and whether Democrats will lose their razor-thin grip on the  U.S. Senate In addition to the house.

Any of our panelists will tell you it's hardly uncommon for a first-term commander-in-chief to suffer a midterm setback .and yet for months. President Biden’s mark has hovered in the low-40s

This clearly indicates he will have "little if any coat-tails" to offer Democratic incumbents and challengers.  Voters are watching the president's handling of the Ukraine crisis closely, along with his ability to deliver relief from inflation. Which is steadily gnawing away at household budgets. 

 And one more hard fact, the opposition party has picked up five or more seats in 34 of 35 midterm elections dating back to the end of reconstruction.