TSU freshman laid to rest, shooter in his death apprehended

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The TSU freshman killed on campus last week was laid to rest as his accused killer was taken into custody after a SWAT stand-off. 

Loved ones gathered at Fallbrook Church to say goodbye to 18-year-old Brent Randall.

"It's just real hard and I can only imagine what his parents are going through. I don't think a parent should have to bury their child," says Randall's friend Deiondre Smith.

Randall was gunned down last Friday at Texas Southern University where he was only a freshman.  He graduated from Davis High School earlier this year alongside friends he's had since grade school.

"Words couldn't explain how much love I have for him.  We have so many memories together, from seventh all the way up to graduating" adds Darrell Hubbard.   

According to Houston police, the shots rang out at TSU after an altercation during a basketball game the night before.  Randall's older brother was also shot and is still hospitalized.

"When you have someone like him who has the potential to do great, it's just bad he gets taken down over some foolishness," says Erik Hailey Randall's High School math teacher.

"I feel like justice will be served and he didn't deserve this" adds Hubbard.

Hours before Randall was laid to rest, a man was charged for his murder.  22-year-old Jartis LeBlanc Jr. was taken into custody after a swat standoff in northwest Houston.  Investigators received a tip LeBlanc was hiding in the attic of a friend's home.  According to detectives, LeBlanc is not a student but a gang member.

Loved ones of the teen killed on campus say the violent way he died was not indicative of the way he lived.

"He always smiled.  He wanted so badly to go to TSU.  When he was accepted he came to my office and said Ms. Ford I was accepted to go to TSU.  He was very excited about that," explains Linda Ford, Randall's high school counselor.  

The 18-year-old was buried in the suit he wore to prom.  Just a few months later loved ones are wearing those same colors at his funeral.  He was just a kid killed on campus barely two months into his college career.

"God needed another angel and that just so happened to be Brent," says Smith.