Pickup falls from overpass in 3-vehicle wreck as drivers tried to avoid street racers: police

Police say a pickup truck fell from an overpass at the North Freeway and Little York while trying to avoid street racers.

A pickup truck fell from the North Freeway and another car caught fire in a three-vehicle wreck that occurred as innocent drivers were trying to avoid street racers, Houston police say.

The crash occurred on the I-45 North Freeway near Little York around 10:20 p.m. Thursday.

Witnesses told police they saw street racers on the interstate, and vehicles tried to get out of the way.

Three vehicles ended up crashing. A pickup truck fell from the overpass onto Little York, and two other vehicles remained on the North Freeway. One of the cars on the freeway caught fire.

Police say a baby, a man, and a woman were in the pickup truck that fell from the overpass. The woman had to be extricated by HFD.

According to HPD, one person involved in the crash was taken to the hospital with head injuries, but they are reportedly expected to recover. The baby and the man that were in the pickup truck are also said to be OK.

"These street racers are just chaos. They are brainless and they have no concept of the destruction and the problems that they are causing in our community.  People could've been killed here today," said Lt. Barrow with the HPD Vehicular Crimes Division.

Anyone with information about the street racing suspects or the vehicles they may have been driving is asked to call the Houston Police Department.