Viral video shows Tik Tok influencer surprising Houston woman in a big way

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Houston woman surprised with random act of kindness

FOX 26 Reporter Gabby Hart spoke with the woman about what she received from one person. It's a story that's just awesome!

A TikTok star known for doing random acts of kindness made a stop in Houston and changed a local woman's life. 

The video has more than 3 million views between TikTok and instagram, Social media influencer Zachery Dereniowski who goes by MDmotivator on Instagram and TikTok is known for his videos where he shows generosity and kindness to complete strangers. 

On Monday, he spread some of that kindness and joy here in Houston. He stopped at Ross clothing store near NRG stadium; he had two NCAA championship tickets along with plans to make someone's day, by chance he ran into 22-year-old Valerie Lugo. 

Zachery surprised Valerie with a front row ticket to the NCAA game and $1,000.00, but after he learned about her story he took it a step further. 

Valerie works 2-jobs to provide for her 12-year-old special needs sister, who has autism and suffers from seizures. Her mother is unable to work because her sister needs 24/7 care. She lives in her mom's trailer home, which is in bad shape and in need of major renovations. And when Zachery learned all of this, he started a GoFund me with the goal to raise $50,000 to help her out, and his more than 17-million followers haven't hesitated to step up they raised more than $30,000 in just 21 hours.  


"I said this was God, God sent this man," Valerie told FOX 26. She continued, "I'm going through a lot right now and to have this happen in my life, it was perfect timing,"

Her mom Brunilda Lugo, who stood by her side during our interview also chimed in, "God is so good, and he's so faithful, and he comes when you least expect it," she said through teary eyes. 

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Zachery says his hope is that other people watch his videos and find inspiration to also perform random acts of kindness.

"It fulfills me in ways that things for myself could never, like giving is so much better than receiving," he said. 

For the full video of Valerie's uprise or for more on how you can donate head over to Zachery's Instagram by following this link.