Jury did not want CPS to have custody of abused boy, CPS refused to give him to his grandparents

“We absolutely do not trust CPS,” said Betty Wheatley.

Betty and Mike Wheatley say they have good reason to be leery of that state agency since they say their 6-year-old grandson was sexually abused by a 14-year-old while in the custody of Child Protective Services.

“The state admitted that did happen,” Betty Wheatley said.

The Wheatleys attended the two-week trial that ended with a jury terminating their daughter’s parental rights.

“And all 12 of them had the same opinion that CPS should not have custody,” said Mike Wheatley.

The judge ignored the jury’s wishes and gave CPS custody.

“When the verdict came down, we were there and they just wouldn’t consider us,” Betty Wheatley said.

The Wheatleys say they are decent, respectable people and their grandson’s closest living relatives.

They live in Waco and raised their grandson’s sister, who is now 17.

The couple says their repeated requests to CPS to place their grandson with them has fallen on deaf ears.

“CPS is like this big giant wall between us and our grandson and we can’t get over it and we can’t get around it and we can’t break it down,” said Betty Wheatley.

“The only conclusion I can draw is they want to keep him in the system so people can keep getting state money,” Mike Wheatley said.

“We love him very much and we go to bed every night not knowing where he is what is happening to him what’s going to happen to him,” his grandmother said. “He just doesn’t deserve this.”

CPS didn’t even do a home study on the Wheatleys. CPS says the couple never asked for one but the Wheatleys say they asked the case worker for a home study last September.

CPS says the couple testified in court they were to old to care for the boy.

Betty Wheatley unequivocally denies that.