Hundreds walk in honor of slain deputy

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Emotions remain at an all time high in Northwest Harris County. Sunday night hundreds walked in honor of Deputy Darren Goforth who was shot and killed at a gas station Friday night.

People started at the West Houston Church of Christ and walked to the gas station where Goforth was killed. Along the way lots of hugs and tears.

It was a sight to see from up in the air. Hundreds sang and walked remembering a man who dedicated his life to protecting others.

"Looks a Saints Texans game crowd. It means that people do respect the police you need the police to protect your property, your children," Billie Dalton said.

People say this loss is still too painful to bear. Deputy Darren Goforth was a 10 year veteran of the Harris County Sheriff's Office and more importantly a family man.

"I just feel so bad for this man he did not deserve this. This has got to cease. It's not about color, he's a human being. He has a family. He has a wife and children," Robin Bennett cried.

The feeling of the moment was unity and faith. The big takeaway: all lives matter.

"Just so much hate out there it's unfortunate. We just have to come together and love one another we have to love and have peace," Elizabeth Mancera said.

Those in uniform pray that from this tragedy comes a silver living. Deputy Adrian Adams travelled from more than 5 hours away.

"I came from Brooks County. I came all the way to support him and we just want to let him know he's in our hearts and prayers and he'll forever be in our lives. It's not just going to stop here. Hope this brings awareness to the nation that all lives matter," Adams said.

Throughout the neighborhood are trees with blue ribbons in Goforth's honor. Organizers say they have raised more than $30,000 out at the gas station for the family.