Harris County bracing for downpours, possible street flooding

Harris County meterologist, Jeff Linder, says while emergency officials are bracing for possible street flooding, he does not believe it will be as severe as it was last month.

"This is not a tropical storm. This is not a hurricane," Lindner explained. 

However, it is tropical moisture that will likely 2 to 4 inches an hour or more in isolated areas.

"It’s where those isolated higher totals happen that we’re going to have to watch for the possibility of street flooding and ponding," he added.

Lindner says the ground is relaitvely dry and will be able to soak up some of the rain. 

"That will be helpful for us," he told FOX 26. "And, all of our bayous and creeks are at normal or below normal conditions. So, there’s lots of capacity in the drainage, creeks, and bayous."

He also says it will move through the area fast -- the worst of it over by Thursday morning.

Before heading out tomorrow, check the radar and traffic conditions. And, if you haven’t already get that hurricane kit ready.

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