Accessible beaches in Galveston for people of all abilities

Galveston Parks Board wants people of all abilities to enjoy the beach.

At Stewart and East beaches, they offer free equipment to help those with limited mobility to relax by the shore or float in the water.

This year, they've introduced the "mobimat" which allows those who prefer or need to stay in their own wheelchair. The mat extends up to 30 feet.

Last year, the board acquired two floating "mobichairs."

"If you have two people that are holding you and you can get in this chair, you can go up to three feet in that water, float around, lounge around. It's completely safe," said Ulises Zamudio, Stewart Beach Park Manager.

The parks has also had the standard PVC chairs for years now.

"We just need to get the word out," said Jaree Fortin, spokesperson for the Galveston Parks Board of Trustees.

All of these options are free and they are on first come, first serve basis. Those interested in using them must have a valid identification card.