Your Legal Questions Answered: Anxiety at work & daughter attacked at apartment complex

FOX 26 Senior Legal Analyst Chris Tritico answers viewers' questions.

  1. "I had a miscarriage in March. The day before, one of my coworkers called in sick due to back pain. It left me shorthanded. We had two big deliveries. We close at 9 p.m. I did not leave work until nearly 1 a.m. The next morning, I had to go to the emergency room. They could not save my baby. At work, I kept hearing comments from that same employee that I was making an excuse. I started having anxiety and left. I returned to work in June, still having anxiety. I am still having problems and cannot work there anymore. What can I do?"
  2. "If my daughter was attacked and beaten in my apartment's garage, can I hold the complex liable for her medical bills?"