From musician to dog trainer: Man has unique dog training program

He's a musician and a dog trainer. Trey Clark knows most common dog behavior problems, and of course the solutions.

So how does a musician become a dog trainer?

“Well I’ve always worked with dogs. And over the years I would take people's dogs home with me, but just I'd say 'give me your dog for a week' and I'd return them and, this was years ago, the dog would be behaving. I was a traveling musician for years and I decided I wanted my children to know what I looked like," Trey says. "I decided all right, I'm at a crossroads. What am I good at and what do I love doing? I thought dogs."

Trey's program differs from traditional training programs where dogs go in for scheduled lessons. Under Trey's program, the dog will live with him for a period of time with a goal in mind of fixing behaviors.

Trey was on Houston's Morning Show to talk about how his program works and answer viewers' questions about their own pets.