Protesters supporting Alvin H.S. teen with special needs who was allegedly raped in school bathroom

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Mother claims daughter was raped inside Alvin High School

FOX 26 Reporter Matthew Seedorff spoke with the mother as protestors made their voices heard at Alvin High School on Friday evening.

Dozens of protesters were outside Alvin High School Friday evening holding signs and chanting in support of Janie Doe.

We’re not identifying the 19-year-old, because of the allegations, but her parents say their daughter with special needs was raped inside an Alvin High School bathroom last November.


"There was a witness who heard her say no, stop, help," said the teen’s mother. "[The school district] said because she walked down the hallway, that’s consent."

According to Janie’s parents, their daughter with special needs has the mindset of a 5 or 6-year-old. They say she was supposed to have stayed within arms reach of a teacher. However, they claim Janie was alone that November day for roughly an hour.

"We want to protect future students," said the Janie’s mother. "We want the negligent staff terminated."

"I thought our teachers cared about our kids and cared about protecting the children, not protecting their reputations," said Janie’s sister.


A Brazoria County grand jury decided not to press charges against the male high school student involved. Family members say the boy was suspended from classes for three days, but remains enrolled at the school.

"We want the rapist arrested," said Janie’s mother. "They’re saying this is part of his disability. What disability makes you rape? Girls aren’t safe in this school. We’re exposing them."

"They won’t tell me his name," said Janie’s father. "[Janie] is my youngest. She was completely innocent."


A spokesperson from Alvin ISD provided the written statement below:

"Alvin ISD is deeply committed to the wellbeing of each one of our students, as well as providing a safe environment for our students," said the district spokesperson. "The District is aware of recent social media posts concerning an alleged incident of sexual assault occurring at Alvin High School during the fall semester of 2021. The District vehemently denies that its staff improperly responded to the allegations.  While the District is prohibited by law from commenting on the outcome of the investigation, all confirmed instances of student misconduct are handled in accordance with federal law, state law, and District policy.  Furthermore, any confirmed or suspected instances of criminal activity are referred to the appropriate law enforcement agencies for investigation, and ultimately to the District Attorney for disposition. Alvin ISD remains committed to honoring the trust families place in our district when they send their children to our schools."

Janie’s parents say their daughter is seeing a counselor. She recently graduated from a different high school.