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On April 21st this year, 27-year-old Nicolas Chavez set out to end his own life and succeeded.  A suicide brought to completion by a 21 bullet barrage of police gun-fire preceded by a torturous 15-minute standoff during which officers pleaded with the clearly distraught suspect to drop a steel bar and surrender. Repeatedly tased and pounded with non-lethal bean bags Chavez refused over and over again, ultimately drawing fatal fire as he picked up an unloaded stun gun. The killing, captured by body cam in excruciating detail, has been under investigation for months. Thursday, Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo released the images and announced the termination of four officers, calling the life-ending gunfire excessive and unnecessary. Police union leaders furiously objected contending the fired officers followed their training, had no choice, and have been scapegoated by both the chief and the mayor for purely political purposes.

This week's panel; Tony Diaz, host of Latino News and politics(KPFT), Carmen Roe, Houston attorney and FOX 26 legal analyst, Tomaro Bell, Super Neighborhood Leader, Charles Blain, founder Urban Reform, Bill King, businessman and columnist join Greg Groogan in a discussion about the release of the bodycam video, the firing of the officers involved in the shooting and the public reaction.

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