Jean Carlos Correa works to join brother in MLB


There is another member of Astros shortstop Carlos Correa’s family who is working hard to become a big league player as well

Jean Carlos Correa, younger brother of the Astros star, is in his first year as the second baseman for Alvin Community College.

Jean Carlos has watched his brother’s rapid development in becoming a big-time player, and he is determined to follow in his footsteps.

“It’s great because he gives me good advice to be better every day,” said Jean Carlos in an interview with FOX 26 Sports. “If I do something wrong he’s right there supporting me.

“He’s always taking care of me.”

Carlos enjoys being there for his brother.

“Every time he’s struggling he’ll call me (and ask) ‘what should I do’ to get out of a slump and stuff like that,” said Carlos Correa.

“So I would just give him advice. I’ve been there and done that. I’m always there to help him, and he obviously listens to me.”

Jean Carlos wants to do things the right way, just like his older brother has done in quickly becoming one of the faces of the Astros franchise.

 “I saw every day at the ballpark how hard he works to reach his dream,” Jean Carlos said. “So I’m doing the same thing.

“Hard work pays off at the end of the day.”

Often times when Jean Carlos is not practicing with the Dolphins, he will watch his brother work out, like he did Tuesday at Baseball USA.

“Watching him play just makes me proud he’s been able to develop and get better every single day with his hard work,” Carlos Correa said.  “I think he’ll be fine at the end of the day. I think he’ll be able to continue playing good baseball, and hopefully at some point in time (turn) professional.”

Which is a big reason why Jean Carlos chose to sign with Alvin Community College.

“I went to Alvin because people told me they were the best (junior) college,” said Jean Carlos. They have good competition against San Jac and all that.

“I want to be drafted in one year or two. That’s why I go to Alvin.”

However, initially it was ACC who found Jean Carlos.

He was playing for the Puerto Rico Baseball Academy during a tournament in Jupiter, Fla. last summer when a Dolphins assistant coach began asking about him.

At the time, as is often the custom in Puerto Rico, Jean Carlos was using his mother’s maiden name, Oppenheimer, as well. In the game’s program he was referred  to as Jean Carlos Correa Oppenheimer.

“A second baseman caught my eye,” said Mike Partida, ACC assistant coach/recruiting coordinator. “He just played the game the right way. Hustling on and off the field, uniform was dirty. Every time he came up to bat he got a hit.”

Partida had no idea that second baseman was related to the Astros star until he spoke with the academy director.

“’He said that’s Carlos Correa’s little brother, for the Astros.’ I said ‘no it’s not.’ He said ‘Mike, I swear it is.’ I said ‘he has a different last name.’ He said ‘they use the mom’s last name, but it’s Carlos’ brother.’

“I thought that was interesting. At first I thought they were messing with me.”

That is until he spoke to the player.

The two developed a relationship that helped bring Jean Carlos to Alvin.

“He’s going to start at second base for us,” said Jason Schreiber, ACC baseball coach. “He’s developed into a really, really good hitter. He’s going to start leading off. He’s got a very advanced swing, and does a good job with it.”

And Coach Schreiber said it is obvious Jean Carlos is related to the 2015 American League Rookie of the Year.

“As far as his preparation at the plate, and how he attacks the baseball, yes he’s a lot like him in that way on the offensive side,” Schreiber said.

Schreiber said Jean Carlos is going to get better because he has a great work ethic.

Carlos has watched his brother play many times over the years, and said it is not always easy.

“I get nervous actually,” Carlos Correa said. “I get really nervous when I’m watching him play. I don’t get nervous when I’m playing, but when he’s playing I get really nervous. I don’t know why, but I want him to perform well and play good baseball. I’m really proud of my younger brother.”

And Carlos is even more proud of the way his brother is very independent.

 “I love it. I love it, because that’s what my parents preach at home all the time, be your own man,” said Carlos Correa.  “That’s what he’s been doing the whole time.

“He’s trying to get to the big leagues the way I did. He has another way to do it, which is going to college first.

“I think it’ll work out for him.”

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