Former Rockets guard Francis released on bond

Former Houston Rockets guard Steve Francis has been released from the Harris County jail on bond, but he has been ordered to Florida to face a burglary charge. Francis did not appear in court on Tuesday, though his attorney, Rusty Hardin, appeared on his behalf.  
Hardin denies that Francis had any physical confrontation with law enforcement officers. Francis must respond to the fugitive warrant in Florida within 30 days, though Hardin is attempting reset that court date.
Steve Francis, nicknamed "The Franchise," was arrested on a driving while intoxicated charge on Saturday.

“He was also weaving out of his lane,” said Deputy Roy Guinn with the Harris County Constable Precinct 5 Office. “He almost struck another vehicle.”

The misdemeanor DWI, possession of marijuana and felony retaliation charges all comes from a Saturday night arrest, when authorities say Francis was speeding on the tollway.

“The deputy initiated a traffic stop and immediately smelled alcohol coming from his person so he asked him to step out of the vehicle. Mr. Francis became immediately belligerent, was yelling and cussing at the deputy,” said Guinn.

Deputies say Francis was going 88 mph in a zone where the speed limit was 65 and that he was swerving. They also say he made threats to the officers, resulting in the felony retaliation charge.

“He refused to take the test. He continued to be abusive toward them. The report says that he squared up. He didn't actually take any physical action against them,” said Guinn. “But he, again, was not compliant, refusing the test.”

Houston area authorities aren't the only ones grappling with Francis. It turns out that Francis also has a warrant for his arrest for a burglary charge from Manatee County, Florida.

Documents from the Manatee County Sheriff’s Office show that back in June, Francis stole about $7,000 worth of items, including jewelry, from an unlocked car. But then, the report shows that Francis turned himself and the stolen contents in -- saying to police "I just robbed somebody. Take me to jail." Since police could not immediately locate the crime in their system that Francis was talking about -- they let him leave back then.

Officials say Francis was out on bond over the weekend but is back in custody for the burglary charge.

Francis was also arrested back in 2001 on a drunk driving charge.

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