Was That Fake? - IKEA plant bullying experiment

Was That Fake?

Did IKEA® really bully a plant in the name of science? In an experiment, one plant was made to listen to constant insults to see how it would be impacted while the other plant was constantly paid compliments. Ikea claims every other variable was exactly the same. The experiment was real and Ikea says the results speak for themselves. Plenty of people are skeptical of the experiment, but IKEA® aims to take the show on the road as a way to teach more children in schools about the effects of bullying.

Was That Fake?

Did a gun dealer advertise assault rifles that fit in backpacks? Pictures that appear to be from the recent NRA Annual Meetings show the weapon inside a clear backpack, much like the bags that students in Parkland, Florida students are forced to use following the recent mass shooting at the local high school. The photos are real. The post from gun dealer Pantheon Arms shows the bag with the following caption: "We're strolling around Dallas with an AR in a clear backpack because 'reasons.'" There is even a video of people strolling with the weapons in the backpacks into a crowd of anti-gun protesters. The video has been viewed thousands of times with mixed reactions in the comments section. The Pantheon Arms Dolos system allows an AR-15 barrel to detach and is typically showcased in solid bags or containers.

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