Houstonians head to the airport for the holidays

There's only a few days left before Christmas and the airports are full of people, heading home or going on vacation.

"Going to Toronto to visit my sister with my family", says Nick Mehdi who was traveling with his wife and daughter.

One group of travelers had a delayed start. United flight 1035 was on it's way to Quito, Ecuador when an employee on the flight heard weird sounds coming from down below. The flight turned around, the passengers evacuated, but we're told it was a maintenance problem. Those travelers boarded another flight as an extra precaution.
Others though, only saw problems with the lines and traffic.
"Traffic was a little bit stressful coming into the airport this evening", says Kristina Levinson who came to pick up her mother-in-law. "I saw so many kids of the flights, at this time of the year you normally don't see them", says Miriam Levinson.
After being away for work Alex Brown was greeted by his family in the baggage claim area. "Pretty much all the flights are over sold and they are offering money for people to take later flights and what not", says Alex Brown. He says he turned down any offer though, so he could be home for the holidays.
United officials say that between December 17th and January 2nd about 1.87 million people are expected to travel through Bush Intercontinental. "We were like yolo you know didn't care at all , it was the only time they could get off too, I literally just got back from traveling and I was like I'm ready", says Sakina Jaffery who was on her way to Colorado with her family.
For tips on airport holiday travel, click here.
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