16-year-old Katy High School student detained by immigration officials

- President Trump’s controversial immigration ban caught many people by surprise.

“They just had no time to prepare,” said attorney Anisa Thobani. “People are getting on these flights thinking when you get to America with a valid Visa you’re going to be able to get through and then you can’t.”

These attorneys say that’s what they believe happened to 16-year-old Katy High School student Mohammad Khadra who is now being held at an immigration facility for juveniles in Chicago.

“He can’t talk to anybody, he can’t call anybody, so family members are really concerned,” said attorney Burhan Nomani.

The teenager was detained at Bush Airport on Saturday following a flight from Jordan which is not one of the seven countries listed in the president's executive order.

To their knowledge the youth’s attorneys say his visa was valid.

“His name is Mohammad, he’s from a middle eastern country, so even if he’s not on that list or the country that’s on that list, there’s still a chance that you’re going to get caught.” Thobani said.

“One week ago this wouldn’t be the reaction. We wouldn’t turn an eye to this situation, but because of the situation we’re in now, fears are up,” said attorney Akshar Patel.

These attorneys are advising people to think twice before leaving the country.

“Even if you are a U.S. citizen and Muslim don’t leave because we don’t know which way this roller coaster will go,” Nomani said.

The teen’s attorneys believe he will be held for at least 7 days before being released to relatives.

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