Board games could be making a comeback

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  • (Marcus Officer)

    APD honors young boy for saving sister from dog attack

  • Future Flight featured at Super Bowl LI fan festival

  • Bald eagles fight over territory in Pinellas County

  • Washington police find 'very angry' dog wearing sweater and pants

  • NC man catches 112 pound catfish

  • Georgia boy with Down Syndrome makes modeling debut

  • Baby with astonishingly full head of hair goes viral

  • Teen jumps off school bus to save dog from Phoenix house fire

  • Woman's post about her $130 wedding rings goes viral

  • Video of 7-year-old shooting her first deer goes viral

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  • Mysterious tribute honors Garland tornado victims

  • The internet is debating: Where would a giraffe wear a tie?

  • High School students sing to keep calm during storm warning

  • Man's 'You Belong' sign at Irving mosque gets worldwide attention

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  • Postal worker saves packages from burning mail truck

  • Gorilla, Santa and elderly woman among strange figures captured by park's wildlife cameras

  • Facebook adds free games like 'Pac-Man' to Messenger app

  • Emma Morano, the world's oldest person, celebrating 117th birthday this week

  • Restaurant in Russia selling rat burgers

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  • Woman who survived bear attack recovering at home

  • Stolen baby marmoset's life in danger

  • Brother's literal response to Thanksgiving dinner request

  • Wrong text leads to Thanksgiving dinner and new friendships

  • $403M Powerball jackpot drawing Saturday night

  • Thanksgiving in space: Turkey, green beans & even football

  • Southwest Airlines return boy's mission trip journal left on plane

  • DC pizza shop harassed, threatened online after being victim of fake news stories

  • Author McLemore demonstrates safe turkey deep-frying

  • Obama makes final Thanksgiving turkey pardon