Was That Fake? - Jay-Z & Jesus

Was That Fake? 

Did rapper Jay-Z really tell his audience at a concert that “only idiots believe in Jesus” and “Satan is our true lord?” Definitely not. A fake article has been circulating around that uses a video to validate it. The video is allegedly of Jay-Z preaching about Satan during his New Orleans concert in November. The video is actually from 2013. There is not a bit of truth to the video, so don’t share it.

Was That Fake? 

Did an Iranian woman undergo fifty plastic surgeries to look like her idol, Angelina Jolie, but instead end up looking like a zombie? The internet is buzzing with reports that Sahar Tabar went under the knife to look like Jolie. She’s "Instagram famous" and posts tons of photos and videos. But did she have 50 surgeries? In some of her photos, she looks a bit more normal than in others, which leads some people to claim she is using makeup, prosthetics, and Adobe Photoshop to alter her appearance. Snopes found a post from another one of Tabar’s accounts where she said she has had some surgeries, but not fifty. She also hinted that she uses Photoshop, makeup and other tricks.

Was That Fake? 

Will a beautiful, tiny Swiss village that appears to be straight out of a Christmas card pay you to move there? Yes and no. The Alpine hamlet of Albinen voted to offer $70,000 for a family of four to come live there. The small town is desperate for new residents, because only 248 people live there. The municipality will shell out $25,000 for each adult and $10,000 for each child. There is a catch -- to qualify, you have to be younger than 45, a citizen or permanent resident of Switzerland and you have to buy or build a house that costs at least $200,000. You also have to commit to living there for at least a decade.

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