Was That Fake? - clear parasites found swimming in water bottles

Was That Fake? 

Did Coca-Cola recall Dasani water bottles because clear parasites were found swimming in them? A post being shared claims several hundred people had been hospitalized. The source of the post is worldstory.com. The site has some stories that seem fascinating, but no "about" section and no details on who operates the site or where the information comes from. After digging further, it appears this was a click bait story from 2016. Coca-Cola issued a statement at the time that said the claim was false and inflammatory information from a "hoax website." Go ahead and enjoy that water.

Was That Fake?

Is a Chinese space station on a crash course for Earth? Headlines are saying it Is heading our way and is due to crash any day. This one is so true that you can watch it happen. The space station's body is not much larger than a school bus and China lost control of it almost a year ago. The Chinese space agency believes most of it will burn up in the atmosphere before it ever reaches the ground. But, it could land almost anywhere in the human inhabited part of Earth. Expect to see chatter about that in the coming days when it finally makes its fall.

Was That Fake?

Did the Pope say there is no hell? An Italian reporter tweeted that the holiest of holy Pope Francis said hell doesn't exist. The reporter really did post that on Twitter, but now The Vatican is clarifying that. The Vatican referred to the tweet the "fruit of the reporter's reconstruction" and that the Pope's exact words were not cited. The reporter apparently admitted, as per the Catholic News Service, that on one or more occasions, he didn't take notes or record his chats with the Pope. The Pope did not say that there is no hell, but former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee knew that all along. Huckabee posted on Twitter, "Did Pope Francis really say there is no hell? I doubt that he said that. He visited Congress in 2015. He KNOWS there is a hell because he's been there! #hellisreal"

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