The Future Is Now - robots as teachers, pets

The Future Is Now!

Robots like Keeko are teaching children lessons in Kindergarten classes in China. The robots tell stories and plays logic games. Researchers are finding robots can achieve similar outcomes to human tutors in some cases and are better for education than computers because they have a physical presence, making their physical design potentially as important as their programming.

For example, Aido is the most advanced robot dog yet. If he looks familiar, he is the new edition of famed robotic dog Sony launched in 1999, but way more advanced. Robotic dogs still have a way to go before becoming a household standard, especially with an almost $3,000 price point.

The Future Is Now!

Gamers won't have to dump a ton of money up front to enjoy X-Box now that Microsoft has introduced a subscription service that costs $22 a month. The subscription includes and X-Box One, X-Box Live access and Game Pass. After the 24-month subscription period ends, the gaming unit is yours to keep, saving you $130 over time.

The Future Is Now!

There's a space kingdom you can join and even vote for a mayor! Asgardia calls itself an independent nation. It's actually just a satellite about the size of a loaf of bread, but has a quarter million people signed up as citizens with a full constitution and making an effort to achieve formal statehood.

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