Woman suing tattoo shop after her tattoo became infected

- It is the worst case scenario after receiving tattoo—your skin becomes infected to the point where surgery is needed.

That's what happened to one woman.

“I can't even wear shorts or anything like that or dresses because my leg is so ugly,” Alisa Hatch said.

Hatch had gotten a tiger tattoo done earlier in October. Hatch said that tattoo artist came to her house to do the work. According to Hatch, on November 27, she decided to get that tiger tattoo filled in with color at Dago’s Tattoos along the North Freeway. Dago’s Tattoos, which has been around since 1974, is known for their inexpensive tattoo pricing and $1 piercings.

Hatch said during the inking process, she felt extreme pain. She describes the artist as outlining her original tiger tattoo in black ink, then again in color.

“I had to keep having him stop because it was very painful, and I wasn’t even able to put my leg down on the ground and stuff because it was hurting and throbbing so bad,” said Hatch.

Hatch said the next day, she couldn't walk and that her doctor told her she has cellulitis. She is on three different antibiotics and is scheduled for minor surgery to clear the infection. Hatch believes the infection came from the tattoo artist who did her color, that he perhaps sunk the needle in too deeply.

But the owner says they couldn't have, that his artists are highly experienced.

“People have been with me for 20 years. They’re not just new kids in and out of here,” said Dago Coelho, the owner of Dago’s Tattoos.

Dago also showed us a waiver that Hatch had signed as well as her initials acknowledging the sterility of the needles and tube used.

“The procedures we do here we do through the health department of rules and regulations,” said Dago.

Dago points out the problem could be with her original tattoo work. He also believes Hatch was not careful afterward — showing us her written refusal of their advised post-care ointment.

“We offered her tattoo solution to put on your tattoo while it's healing. She refused that. She signed she did not want the tattoo solution,” said Dago.

However, Hatch said this is her 18th tattoo, and she knows what she's doing.

“I have numerous tattoos and I know how to take care of a tattoo. I’ve never had this issue,” said Hatch.

Now, Hatch has retained a lawyer with the Gonzalez Law Group, saying she wants her story known to warn others.

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