Support builds for teacher who jumped on parent's car

In the video, Aaron Morgan was right there on the hood of Rita Trimmer-Ray's car, and she was not happy about it. 

He was trying to stop her from cutting through the elementary school lot on her way to the high school. He was the second teacher to stop her. The teacher was removed from school while the situation was investigated.

Then a funny thing happened. The internet got involved. It went viral and it turns out most people think he's the hero, not the villain. Emails poured into FOX 26 from around the country.

"She was selfish, non compliant unsafe and vindictive. She is the aggressor and guilty culprit," wrote Sarah Clark.

"She is the one who deserves to be punished. She is the one who is in the wrong," wrote Kelly Riley.

"I would rather a teacher go overboard in protecting my children than let a maniac drive through a school zone where children are crossing," wrote Melissa

Voicemails poured in, too.

"That teacher was a protecting those kids lives. He's the role model I'd want for my kids," said one unidentified caller.

Attorney Deron Harrington in Missouri City went so far as to start a petition drive to show him support.

”We’ve gotten a lot of good responses. This is a passionate issue for many people. They want their children protected,” Harrington said. He also urged people not to retaliate against Trimmer–Ray or her family.

By Monday afternoon, the petition had almost 10,000 signatures. I turns out, Morgan may not have been in very big trouble anyway. He returned to work last Thursday.

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