One of Houston's most notorious killers has Facebook page

- “The whole world of social media is opening up a huge Pandora’s box,” said crime victims advocate Andy Kahan.

And one of the most vile things to tumble out of that box is Elmer Wayne Henley, who you can now like on his Facebook page. It should be impossible for Henley to start his own Facebook page from his prison cell.

“Of course it’s administered by a third party,” Kahan points out.

But Henley is obviously contributing to the Facebook page with his name on it. He’s posting personal blogs and artwork and jewelry he’s made which are available for purchase. Kahan says he’s seeing this kind of thing more and more. Third parties giving convicted killers a voice on social media.

“Like it or not there’s people out here for whatever reason idolize serial killers and give them infamy which they certainly don’t deserve from our prospective,” Kahan said.

Henley is serving three life sentences for being paid 200 dollars for each teenage boy he abducted for his older accomplice Dean Coryll.

At least 20 teenage boys were tortured raped and murdered between 1970 and 1973.

“Which was the most amount of victims in this country’s history before John Wayne Gacy came about,” Kahan said.

Criminals like Henley can’t contact their victims or relatives of victims.

But Kahan says he’s now seeing instances where third parties are contacting victims on the criminal’s behalf and little can be done to stop it.

“It’s kind of like an emotional sucker punch for them,” Kahan said.

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