Man says he was attacked on video by former employer

- The courts are moving forward with the case of a man who says he was shocked with a stun gun by his former boss and coworkers, all for their amusement. Almost three years ago, videos of Bradley Jones being shocked were posted on YouTube.

Jones, who was an employee in 2013 at Fred Fincher Motors, says the video shows him being tortured and stunned by his supervisor and co-workers. He also says they claimed it was all horseplay, but to him, it resulted in emotional scars and therapy.

“I think a prank is when both people find something funny," says Jones. "I found nothing funny about being attacked from behind, urinating in my pants, screaming, the pain, the embarrassment, the humiliation done in front of your coworkers.” After he was fired from the dealership in 2013. he filed the lawsuit, claiming his co-workers had snuck up on him with a stun gun and had done so more than two dozen times.

Jones' boss in 2013 was dealership owner Sam Harless, who is married to Texas State Representative Patricia Harless, also an owner named in the lawsuit. Jones is suing for failure to provide a safe workplace and for assault and battery.

“I'm ready to get it over with," says Jones. "It's going on three years. and you know, I think he just needs to face the music, quit trying to avoid it, quit trying to prolong it, just you tell your story, I'll tell my story.”

Jury selection in the case is scheduled to begin on Tuesday.

Jones says that to this day, no one has admitted to owning that stun gun.

FOX 26 News also reached out to the car dealership and Rep. Harless, but we neither responded to the request.

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